Hello, my name is Marisa.

Portrait Blog N&B I have been fascinated by concepts and stories of the in-between since my early years at university, studying intercultural communication and translation. In-between what? Well, many things really: cultures, languages, social contexts.
I live in Geneva, city of global citizens. I was born in Austria. This makes me an expatriate, or differently put, a migrant. I am also a child of divorced parents. The in-between is familiar ground in many ways.

A translator and simultaneous interpreter by training, I have been working in international development for more than 7 years. This work requires me to navigate between cultures and languages, between global policies created in Geneva and New York, and local realities in Khulna or Rwamwanja (click if you are not sure what or where those are, no need to be ashamed).

This blog will serve as creative outlet for my thoughts and research on the in-between.