In this blog I will take my work and reflections on communication and interaction between cultures to another level. This will not be yet another how to successfully do business abroad – type of blog. There are plenty of those out there (good ones, too).

This blog is about people and their stories. People who – by choice or by force – live and work inbetween. People like me, perhaps people like you?

In a world characterized by globalization and increased mobility on the one hand, and forced migration and displacement on the other, I am convinced that creating a deep understanding of people’s experiences is a first step towards tolerance and respect.

In this blog you’ll find personal reflections, great literature tips – fiction, non-fiction, academic research – as well as film tips, all telling the stories of these people who find themselves inbetween.

Since you probably also want to take away something tangible, I will also discuss the complexities of cross-cultural communication and share practical tips on how to navigate between cultures and contexts.